Out With The Old And In With The New!



My site has been completely redesigned from scratch. I liked my old brutalist styled site but I realized the layout is very similar to fauux's site (shoutout to fauux for being epic). So I decided to redo the site once more and make it 100% original.

History of macedev

The site has gone through about 4 designs. The first iteration of the site was absolutely terrible. It was my first time making a website so it was to be expected. The second iteration was a monochrome themed site. The third iteration was an improvement of the second (with added color), and now finally, in the present time we have iteration #4.

The evolution of my website

Monster Executioner | Update No. 3 | Different Approach to Game Dev



Sorry for the lack of updates on Monster Executioner. So far the game is being developed in the Unity Engine, I'm planning to change this. Right now I'm working on moving everything over to the Godot Engine. Godot is free and completely open source, it's great. Anyways, you guys should start seeing more updates and progress again, but this time on the actual mechanics and story of the game.

When I started creating this game, I was doing everything wrong, I was creating the game assets before actually implementing any mechanics into the game. I was essentially putting frosting on a cake, before actually baking the cake. However, I did learn a lot of things from doing this. I'm not an experienced 3D modeler, so delving into creating the models for the game right from the start has taught me a lot about blender and creating assets. Most importantly I now know that I can actually create art for this game.

From now on though, I will halt the creating of assets and polishing the game. Instead, as mentioned before, I will continue creating the core of the game, and hopefully showing you guys new mechanics that are implemented. The game will move along a lot faster this way, and more progress will be made. After I'm completely done programming the game, then I will add all the art, sounds, models, etc.

● ● ●

Also, regarding the software page on this website. The eyengine is most likely not going to be done any time soon since I want to work on Moster Executioner and the Eyengine serves no real purpose anyway. So expect to see some of the old software from the last iteration of the site added back in (I was planning to post all my software and scripts on the software page alongside the release of the eyengine, but that's not happening).

Eyengine | Update No. 1



Some of you may know that I'm making a really crappy useless game engine/editor. I work on it once and a while, and I'm calling it the "Eyengine".

Screenshot of Game Engine

Features so far include:

I'll release it on the software page if I ever finish it.

Monster Executioner | Update No. 1



Here's some screenshots of an early iteration of where the start of the game will take place. Everything is subject to change. Click the images to view them in full resolution.

First screenshot of city scene

Second screenshot of city scene

Programmer, 'artist', tech enthusiast, and aspiring game developer.

I am currently working on a game called Monster Executioner.