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If you're wondering about the beautiful creator of this beautiful site, then you came to the right place. I'm mostly interested in programming and creating games (which is what this site is about). Sometimes I'll draw some art or practice photography. For anyone wondering I use a Sony a7 first gen, with a vintage MC Rokkor PG 50mm lens. I also listen to classical music and play piano. My ultimate goal is to tell stories and create art through game development. I've been making games for fun for about 6 years. I've also been doing web design as a hobby since Jun 8, 2019, which is when this site was created.

Site layout

If you're viewing this site on a desktop display then on the left hand side of the site is just a bunch of files that you can download. This includes my artwork, the site banners, software downloads, and more. The top of the site is the basic navigation bar which will bring you to the Home, Games, Software, or About page. On the right of each page is a random banner image that changes each time you refresh the page. Right underneath the banner is a short description of each page.

My System Specifications


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Some of my art

artwork of a hand reaching out artwork of a hand artwork of a hand artwork depicting the hands of a 'god' artwork of a manga stylized woman

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