Monster Executioner

Release date: TBA

In a world where monsters plague the streets, you are tasked to execute them. You are the Monster Executioner. Customize your killing chamber with fancy rugs and wallpapers. Being an executioner has never felt so cozy! Buy upgrades to kill those pesky monsters even faster. The world has never been safer! Especially since you're being watched! Stay safe, stay cozy, and keep on killing.

Note: This is not a cookie clicker game. There is a story, and there is an end.

Games developed by macedev

I've made many games in the past, but none of them have been serious projects.

Monster Executioner is my first large project. Keep in mind that I have a life outside of game dev (work, school, piano, etc), so you won't always see constant updates for Monster Executioner. I am currently working on a trailer for the game.